Public Works Responsibilities

The Department of Public Works consists of 37 full-time employees and is generally divided into seven areas of responsibilities:


Frank Capasso is Roads Foreman. The Roads department is responsible for maintaining 53 miles of paved municipal roads. There are 7 miles of roads maintained by Bergen County. Also included in the Roads program are snow plowing and salting, street sweeping, and leaf collection on all Borough roads and parking lots.  Frank Capasso's email is:


Antonino Latella is Sewer Foreman. Sewer department responsibilities include maintaining 310,803 feet of sanitary sewer mains and one sewerage pumping station located on Jewett Court. The Sewer department also maintains the Borough’s storm water drainage system.   Antonino Latella's email is:


Robert Ryan is Parks Foreman. The Parks department  is responsible for maintaining all Borough parks, playgrounds and athletic fields and grounds at all Borough-owned buildings and parking lots. The Parks department also maintains other Borough-owned properties such as rights-of-way.  Robert Ryan's email is:

Shade Trees

Mark Schmidt is Shade Tree Foreman. The Shade Tree department is responsible for maintaining all Borough-owned trees along municipal roads and trees located in parks and municipal grounds.  Mark Schmidt's email is:

Fleet Maintenance

John Tietjen is Chief Mechanic. The Mechanic Shop is responsible for operating a central repair garage, maintaining municipal vehicles and maintaining the Borough fuel dispensing facility.  John Tietjen's email is:


Derek Blankenbush is Recycling Center Supervisor. The Recycling department is responsible for operating the Tenafly  Recycling & Convenience Center and Vegetative Compost Facility, and Borough recycling collection.  Derek Blankenbush's email is:

Building Maintenance

Joseph Rossi is Supervisor of the Building Maintenance Department. Joseph Rossi's email is  He is responsible for the maintenance of all Borough facilities including:

  • Borough Hall
  • Davis-Johnson Garden Room
  • Department of Public Works
  • Tenafly Senior Center