Carbon Monoxide

More and more New Jersey households are installing carbon monoxide (CO) alarms as protection against this invisible hazard. CO is a gas that is undetectable by human senses yet it can cause health problems, brain damage, and even death. When concentrations of the gas build-up, flu-like symptoms may develop, especially among younger and older individuals who are less tolerant of this poison. If your carbon monoxide alarm activates:

  • Gather all family members together in a predetermined meeting place and check to be sure everyone is present.
  • Call 911. Leave the building immediately. Do not reenter until responders say it is safe to do so.

What Carbon Monoxide (CO) Is

  • CO is a product of incomplete combustion.
  • CO is invisible. There will be no smoke or haze to betray its presence.
  • CO is odorless. 
  • CO is deadly.
  • CO is the symbol for carbon monoxide.