Vocational Rehab Services

What is the New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services is the State public agency charged with the responsibility, under Law, of providing vocational rehabilitation services to eligible disabled persons in need of assistance in preparing for and securing employment. 

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for vocational rehabilitation services, a person must:

1. Be at or near a working age

2. Have a physical or mental disability that is or will be a  substantial handicap to employment

3. Have a capacity of benefiting from services of the Rehabilitation program to the extent of becoming employable in a competitive or sheltered situation

Physical and mental impairments which may qualify for services include neurological, orthopedic and learning disabilities, emotional and social maladjustments, mental retardation, paralysis, amputations, brain injury, hearing and speech defects, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, emphysema, etc. Actually, there are no disabilities which are categorically denied. Each person is evaluated individually for eligibility and needed services. 

What services of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services are available for handicapped persons?

The services of the divison include:

1. Rehabilitation Evaluation - A medical examination is required in every case to determine the extent of disability, to discover possible hidden or secondary disabilities, to help determine work potential, and to aid in the determination of eligibility for services. 

2. Vocational Guidance and Counseling - Individual counsel and guidance through every step of the rehabilitation process is given by the vocational rehabilitation counselor to help the disabled person select and attain the most adequate job objective possible. 

3. Medical Services - To restore or improve the disabled person's ability to do a job, medical services may be provided. Such services include medical, surgical, psychiatric and hospital care, if they are needed to reduce or remove the disability.