Tenafly Borough Hall, 100 Riveredge Road, Tenafly, NJ 07670    201-568-6100    HOURS: Mon-Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm

Borough Clerk

Office of the Borough Clerk


The position of Borough Clerk is required by New Jersey law (N.J.S.A. 40A: 9-133) to serve as Secretary to the Mayor and Council, Secretary to the municipal corporation, Chief Registrar of Voters and local Election official, custodian of public records, and chief administrative officer of licenses and permits.

Omar Stovall, MPA, RMC, CMR, Borough Clerk, ext. 5542

Annmarie Schryver, Executive Assistant to the Borough Clerk, ext. 5544

Daniela Gambino, Borough Receptionist/Administrative Assistant, ext. 6100 

The public can review and obtain copies of Council meeting minutes, ordinances, resolutions and other public records permitted by law at the Office of the Borough Clerk located in Borough Hall. Under the Open Public Records Act ("OPRA"), there is a charge for copies of public records that is set by State Statute (N.J.S.A. 47: 1A-2) and a requirement that requests be made in writing when requesting access to or copies of public records. A formal "Request for Access to Public Records" form is available for downloading, and details on the processing of all OPRA requests are included on the form.

For the policy on submitting correspondence to the Mayor and Council, please click here.

In Tenafly, the Office of the Borough Clerk issues permits for the following and applications (with corresponding fee schedules) are available for completion:

Block Parties (Request to close Borough street; Requires Council approval)

Garage Sales

Curb Cuts, Sidewalk Replacements, Street Opening 

Outdoor Seating (for food service businesses)

Film Permits

The following applications are also available during regular business hours, but require either governing body approval and/or State approval and the Clerk's office can explain the details pertaining to each:

  1. Social Affairs Permit Applications for use by non-profit organizations to serve alcoholic beverages at an event open to the public are available, but require State approval and fees to be paid to the State of New Jersey. This application must be filed online, unless the event is less than 21 days away, at which time a hard copy application is submitted.
  2. Raffle Applications for use by non-profit organizations that are registered with the Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (State agency). These forms must be approved by the Mayor and Council and the State before a license can be issued for the event. There are fees required by both the municipality and the State and are based on the type of raffle event to be held.