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Household & vegetative waste

Beginning January 1, 2004, household garbage will be collected by Waste Industries from the rear or side yard twice each week for all residential properties on Mondays and Thursdays in Zone 1 and Tuesdays and Fridays in Zone 2. Containers provided by the property owners must be equipped with lids, maximum size of thirty (30) gallons.

Garbage Zone 1 includes streets on the east side of the railroad tracks.  Garbage Zone 2 includes streets on the west side of the railroad tracks.

The contractor is required to collect garbage from the area within ten (10) feet of the rear or side of the building. Property owners are required to ensure there is an unobstructed path to the garbage containers that is cleared of ice and snow in the winter.

There will be no garbage collection or recycling collection on the following holidays:

             New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Collections missed on these holidays will be made up on the next regularly scheduled collection day.

Vegetative waste, such as tree parts, shrubbery, and garden wastes are collected by Waste Industries also. Branches not exceeding two-inches in diameter are to be securely tied in bundles with a maximum length of three feet, or they may be put in containers that equals one bushel in volume and does not weight more than thirty (30) pounds.  This waste must be placed at the curb the night before the regular scheduled household garbage collection day.