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Collection of recyclable materials -REVISED

Commingled recycling is picked up at the curb by the Department of Public Works according to the schedule below.  Commingled recycling consists of materials such as glass containers and bottles, aluminum cans, plastic containers (#1, #2 and #5), steel and tin cans, jars, plastic milk containers, and hard rigid plastics.  Do not place broken glass, light bulbs, mirrors, glass shelving in recycling. The commingled materials must be placed at the curb the night before the scheduled collection day in reusable containers without lids, not exceeding twenty (20) gallons capacity only. Blue Containers are provided by the Borough, and residents are expected to use these containers.  If you need a container, please go to the Recycling/Convenience at 153 Grove Street where one (or more) will be issued to residents only.  *Please do not put recyclables in plastic bags.   *Plastic bags, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and styrofoam are no longer recycled.

Paper recycling is picked up at the curb by the Department of Public Works according to the schedule below.  Paper recycling includes newspaper, magazines, computer paper, telephone books, paper back books, waste mail paper excluding cellophane envelopes, egg cartons and corrugated cardboard. Paper and cardboard should be flattened, tied or bundled or secured from blowing in paper bags, boxes or in the Blue Recycling Bins only, and placed at the curb the night before pickup.  *Do not place any Styrofoam, shrink wrap, bubble wrap or any other material in with the paper and cardboard. *Pizza boxes are not recyclable and must be placed in trash.   *Any paper placed in plastic bags will not be picked up.

No recyclables will be picked up when storm conditions exist.

COMMINGLED RECYCLING PICKUP:                   Zone 1 - 1st & 3rd Tuesdays                        

                                                                         Zone 2 - 1st & 3rd Thursdays

                                                                         Zone 3 - 2nd & 4th Tuesdays

                                                                         Zone 4 - 2nd & 4th Thursdays

PAPER/CARDBOARD PICKUP:                Zones 1 & 2 - Every Wednesday

                                                             Zones 3 & 4 - Every Friday

Click on link below for Recycling Zone information.