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Department of Youth Services


In the mid to late seventies, Tenafly’s League of Women Voters surveyed the residents of Tenafly to determine their needs and desires for the community. One of the requests was for an after school program due to the rise in latchkey kids in the borough.  This program began in the basement of the old high school and moved to several other locations before finally landing in a building across the street from the current Senior Citizen Center.  In the early eighties a fire destroyed this building.  In 1987, several years after the fire, the Youth Center was reopened in Tenafly Middle School. 

In June of 1989, Mark Slawson join the Tenafly family as Director of Youth Services. Under his leadership and guidance, there was a significant increase in the attendance at the Youth Center. Due to this increase as well as an increase in the enrollment of students in the Tenafly Public School system, a decision was made to build a “Teen Center.”  The residents of Tenafly, old and young along with the Youth Service Advisory Board, the Mayor and Council, and many other borough departments join together to raise over $100,000.00 to achieve this goal.

Today, the building that you see is due to the incredible dedication and work of the people of Tenafly.  This remarkable and irreplaceable service that the Borough offers its middle and high school aged residents depicts our mission statement of “Your fun and save home away from home, where you can enjoy your friends and your friendships in a nonstructural social recreational atmosphere.”

Many parents from other towns registering their children for the Teen Summer Camp and/or those that attended activities being held on the municipal field have been in awe of the Youth Center.  They have said that they wish their towns had a similar facility but more frequently stated that their towns need one.

The uniqueness of the program is that the middle and high school aged residents want to be here.  The Youth Center is a DROP-IN-CENTER, not a drop off center.  The difference is at a Drop-In-Center the students can come and go as they please.  In a Drop-Off-Center, the students are not permitted to leave without being signed out by a parent/guardian.  The decision to be a Drop-In-Center was made because we want the students to want to come to the center and not be made to come.  With an attendance of 70 – 80 students Mondays – Thursdays, 100 plus on Fridays and averaging around 35 students on Saturdays, this decision has proven to be the right one.

What is there to do?

With our members busy structured lives, school, homework, sports, various lessons, many of them are looking for a place where they can just hang out and have fun in a safe environment.

Hang out with friends           Video Games (just about every system available)

Shoot Pool                             Ping Pong

Play Bumper Pool                 Homework (you can work with your friends in our computer room)

Air Hockey                           Do group school projects

Chess / Checkers                  Pick-up Games (Basketball, Football, Soccer)          

Study                                    Watch TV on 1 of 2 of our 60 inch TVs  

Teen Summer Camp

Since 1999, the Department of Youth Services (aka Youth Center) has been hosting a teen summer camp for both residents and non-residents that are entering 6th – 10th grades.  The Teen Summer Camp runs from 9:00am to 3:00pm for six weeks, usually starting the Monday after the last day of school and running until the first week in August.  Although the camp’s location is the Youth Center, when not on a trip, the campers are outside weather permitting. 

A big attraction for our campers are our more than 14 trips to such locations as Great Adventure, Mountain Creek, Hurricane Harbor, Yankees and Mets games, Dave and Busters and the Beast Ride to name a few.

Information for the Teen Summer Camp is posted on the Borough’s website and the Youth Center Facebook page around the first of the year.

Cottage Party

In May of each year, the Youth Services Department along with the administration at TMS, the Tenafly Police Department School Resource Officer and the Chemical Awareness Program (CAP) host an information meeting for parents of students entering TMS.  This meeting is held in the McCandless Room with the parents also being invited to the Youth Center to view the facility and get a deeper understanding of the Youth Center’s programs.  

Mark Your Calendars For May 21, 2020

Youth Center Hours


Monday – Thursday

3:00pm – 9:00pm


3:00pm – 11:00pm


12:00pm – 8:00pm


Please call for hours for holidays, school vacations and days that school is closed or only a half day.


Parents, please be reminded that the Tenafly Youth Center is a DROP-IN CENTER.  Your child is allowed to come and go as they please. 

Director: Mark Slawson - mslawson@tenafly.net



Membership Form - 

You do not need a membership card to utilize the Tenafly Youth Center.  However, membership has its privileges.  By being a member of the Youth Center, you can use Youth Center equipment as well as use the Mary Mandel Room (computer room).

Mary Mandel Room

Summer Camp

Holiday Hours

Monday - December 30 - 12:00 - 6:00

Tuesday - December 31 - Borough Hall Closes at 12:00

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