Preservation & Protection of Trees

Chapter XXVI, entitled "Trees," of the Code of the Borough of Tenafly, regulates the removal of trees within the municipality.

Trees on Borough Property

Generally, trees located along municipal streets and rights-of-way are maintained by the Department of Public Works and may not be removed without the consent of the Borough of Tenafly. Questions regarding maintenance or removal of street trees may be directed to the Director of Public Works at 201-568-4134.

Trees on Private Property

The ordinance regulates the removal of trees on private property in certain cases. Tree Removal Permits are issued by the Department of Public Works.  If you are contemplating removing a tree on you property, you should contact the Department of Public Works to find out if a permit is required. A summary of the tree removal regulations and  Tree Removal Permit Application (PDF) are available in the Tenafly Department of Public Works. To reach the Department of Public Works, please call 201-568-4134.

Landmark Trees

The ordinance established regulations to protect certain landmark trees. A tree may qualify as a landmark tree if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The tree species is rare
  • The tree is more than 100 years old
  • The tree is of an abnormal height or has an abnormal trunk
  • Diameter or drip line for a tree of its species
  • The location, shade value, fragrance, erosion control, aesthetic
  • Features, or scenic enhancement of the tree is of special
  • Importance to the Borough of Tenafly
  • The tree is a rare ornamental or flowering tree

Upon the recommendation of the Director of Public Works, the Mayor and Council shall determine whether any tree qualifies as a landmark tree. No person shall cut down or remove any landmark tree, whether such tree is located on public or private property, without first obtaining the approval of the Mayor and Council and obtaining a permit.

Residents may nominate a tree for consideration as a landmark tree by contacting the Director of Public Works at 201-568-4134.