Detective Bureau

The Tenafly Police Detective Bureau is normally staffed by a Sergeant and three Detectives but due to personnel reductions, it is now manned by just a Sergeant and two Detectives. 


The Bureau is responsible for the investigation of all crimes within the Borough of Tenafly. They conduct suspect, witness, and victim interviews, process crime scenes for latent evidence, prepare arrest and search warrants, and process prisoners. 

Background Investigations

They process many applications and conduct the necessary background investigations for many licensing forms, including the issuance of firearms permits, taxi licenses, raffle applications, and liquor licenses. They also do background investigations on all potential police officers being considered for employment in this agency. The Detectives are on-call 24 hours a day to respond whenever needed at a crime scene or for investigative purposes.

Collaborating Agencies

Each year the Bureau closes many criminal investigations with arrests, and they recover thousands of dollars worth of stolen property. Our Detectives work in conjunction with agencies at all levels of law enforcement, including other local, county, state, and federal agencies. They participate in task forces to address various crime trends throughout the county. One of our detectives is assigned to the Computer Crimes Task Force which investigates internet fraud, child pornography offenses, and searches out active pedophiles who surf the internet to meet children. The number of these crimes continues to grow rapidly with the rapid growth of technology and the anonymity afforded by the internet.


In addition to working cases, the Bureau members are out on plainclothes, pro-active crime prevention patrol and assist patrols on calls as needed. The Bureau also oversees the function of the Juvenile Officer and School Resource Officer and handles many juvenile cases each year.

Additional Services

The Tenafly Detective Bureau provides many other services to Borough residents, including conducting free home security surveys and giving talks to groups upon request on a number of topics such as personal and home safety, crime prevention, and others.