RV Parking Rules and Permits

Off-street Parking Permits Required

Borough Ordinance 35-804.6 requires owners of recreational vehicles (RVs)to obtain annually renewable off-street parking permits before any recreational vehicle may be parked within the Borough. Permits, which are available from the Zoning Officer in the Building Department expire each May 30th and must be renewed within 60 days of expiration. (Please refer to the enclosed graphic titled, PARKING REGULATIONS WITHIN THE BOROUGH OF TENAFLY).

Parking Permits

In all residential zones or on nonconforming residential premises, recreational vehicles may be parked as follows:

  • Within an enclosed building
  • In a side yard if approved by the Board of Adjustment pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:55-D-(c).
  • In a rear yard provided:
    • It does not exceed thirty one feet (31') in length and nine and one half feet in height (9.5')
    • It is located no closer than three feet (3') to the principal structure on the lot
    • It is screened from view from adjacent lots and streets by a solid structure not to exceed six feet (6') in height and in conformance with Borough fence regulations

In all non-residential zones recreational vehicles may be parked as follows:

  • In an approved location based on site review by the Planning Board. Property owners or their authorized agents must submit a plan to the Planning Board Secretary showing the proposed location and use of all building or structures on the lot and indicate the proposed RV parking location. A fee of five ($5.00) dollars must be paid in lieu of the normal site plan application fee. 

Prohibited Uses of Recreational Vehicles

  • Parked or stored RVs may not be used for human habitation purposes including, but not limited to: sleeping, eating, resting or conducting business.
  • Open storage of unlicensed or unregistered recreation vehicles, vehicles in a state of external, visible disrepair or partial construction.

Parking Diagrams