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Davis Johnson Park & Gardens

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Located at the corner of Engle Street and Westervelt Avenue, this 7-acre site contains beautiful gardens and paths including a redesigned rose garden that has become a significant attraction for visitors to the park.
The Borough acquired the original tract of 5.26 acres in the 1960's from the Estate of Alliene S D. Johnson. In 1993, the Borough acquired an additional 1.97 acres to protect the park from the impact of proposed development on the adjacent property.
Today, the park contains
  • Brick patio
  • Gazebo
  • A greenhouse
  • Landscaping and flowerbeds
  • Maintenance facility and meeting room
  • Walking paths

The park and gardens are the site for photographs for many wedding parties and wedding ceremonies throughout the year. Individuals may reserve the park for this purpose by applying to the Department of Public Works for a permit.
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